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  • Xanax and Valium Different Between Xanax and Valium - The pharmaceutical market in these days has a wide range of antidepressants. Many consumers have a question of what is the difference between popular anti depressing drugs like Xanax vs. Valium. Both drugs Xanax and Valium both have a lot in common, as both belong to the class of benzodiazepines, and both fight with depression […]
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    The generic name of the soma pills is Carisoprodol. It is sold by the retails in the brand name of Soma. Soma was introduced in the markets in the year 1959. Soma is an oral relaxant. It targets the neurons and by relaxing them reduces the pain in the muscles.
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    Tramadol is the name of a drug that is sold under the brand name as Ultram. It can also be sold under other brand names in the United States. Precisely, it is an opioid medication used for pain treatments in the human body. People can use this to treat moderate and severe pain occurring in the different body parts. 
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